How To Conserve Energy For Hot Tubs and Spas

Fall and Winter are on the move. It’s time to make sure your spa and hot tub heat conservation is properly installed. Hot tubs and spas heat water and you should always try to conserve as much heat as possible. Sunrise Premiere is here to help.

The following are great tips on conserving heat:

  1. Purchase a hot tub cover. With a covering for your hot tub or spa, energy is saved. Energy conservation occurs because the cover helps retain the heat generated by the hot tub or spa being on. The tie straps of your hot tub or spa cover should always have a snug fit and be latched on your hot tub or spa when not in usage. Most modern spas have well-insulated shells to improve heat conserving.
  2. Buy a hot tub cover/ spa cover that’s resistant to water absorption. This will not only save energy but it will enhance the beauty of your hot tub or spa because the foam core insulation will not be water logged.
  3. Establish Windbreaks. When windbreaks are created around your hot tub or spa, you enhance privacy and reduce wind exposure. Some effective windbreaks are privacy panels, fencing, hot tub and spa enclosures, shrubs and coveralls.
  4. Reduce the hot tub and spa temperatures. The standard factory made hot tub or spa has a high temperature limit of 104 degrees F but you can reduce this temperature to 102 degrees F for overall reduction of energy consumption.

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