How Do Pool Covers Protect Pools?

If you have a pool or you are installing a pool, there is one thing you will definitely need…a pool cover. This article will provide you information on how a pool cover can protect your pool and what benefits it can offer.

Pool covers can be used for both commercial pools and home pools. Pool covers are safe to use for both indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

When it comes to safety, a pool cover is mandatory. A pool cover could prevent children and pets from drowning because it guards your pool from children and pets finding their way into the pool when unattended. It is capable of providing this type of safety because it acts like a horizontal fence for your swimming pool by sealing it off to children, pets and other uninvited guests.closed swimming pool

It is not to be mistaken that a pool cover is a substitute from supervision. A Pool cover is protecting you and others from injury when there is no intent to use the pool.

But safety is not the only reason it is a good idea to use a pool cover for your swimming pool. A pool cover could save you money when it comes to swimming pool operating costs. On average a pool cover can save a pool owner up to 70% on operating costs because it reduces your pool’s need for additional heating equipment, costs for water treatment chemicals, cleaning costs, and maintenance costs.

When your pool does not have a pool cover to protect it, it can lose as much as 30% of its heat each day, more than 10,000 liters of water, and it can lose the chemicals used to treat the pool water all from evaporation.

A pool cover will block water evaporation, save you on make-up water up to 50% and save you on the cost of chemicals to treat your water by 60%.

As for cleaning time and maintenance, your cleaning time will be cut in half and you will need less swimming pool equipment to maintenance your pool because a pool cover will keep debris and dirt from entering your pool.

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Source: Protect Your Pool With Pool Covers, Reap Benefits

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