How to Close Your Saltwater Pool for Winter

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Getting your saltwater pool ready for winter means checking salt levels and cleaning your pool.

Getting your saltwater pool ready for winter means checking salt levels and cleaning your pool. This blog will go through why you should check your salt levels, balance your pool’s water, and always clean your pool.

Do Not Add Salt and Watch Your Salt Levels

Your saltwater pool will read differently in the winter. As the temperature cools, the chlorine generator will read your salinity levels as lower than they actually are. For accurate readings, use salt test strips. Always follow the manufacturer’s manual for your saltwater pool to prevent adding too much or too little salt. Too much salt, especially left unattended during the winter, can react with contaminants in your pool and leave ugly stains. 

Balance the Water

Checking salt levels is not the only part of balancing your pool’s water. You want to know the pH levels for all pools, which measures how acidic or basic your water is. One week before closing your pool, check the pH levels. You want your pH at 7.2-7.8, total alkalinity at 80-120 ppm, and calcium hardness at 200-400 ppm. Make the adjustments by adding the chemicals or plain water if things are too concentrated and allowing the water to circulate. Salt water may crystallize on your pool cover if any chemicals are off-balance. If the calcium level is higher than 400 ppm, keep the pH under 7.6 to help prevent scale formation.

Clean the Pool

As with any pool, when you close it for winter, clean and drain all equipment, including the pool. To avoid chemicals interacting with the air while they lay in wait for warm weather, clean your equipment. As the closing day gets closer, let your pool filter run longer than normal to ensure your pool will be as clean as it can be. 

Winterize Your Equipment and Water

The last part of getting your saltwater pool ready for winter is winterizing it. You can buy packets and kits online that contain the right chemicals and tools you need to winterize your pool. However, talk with our experts at Sunrise Premiere to talk about how to keep your saltwater pool in top condition. 

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