General Maryland Pool Maintenance Tips

pool maintenanceTaking care of your pool is important for both the safety of your pool as well as your personal safety. Making sure the pH balance is proper and that the pool is consistently clean enough to swim in is a priority, especially in the summer, when most people spend a lot of time swimming and enjoying their pools. Maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult, but it should be performed often in order to keep your pool top shape. Since pools are a big investment, making sure that they’re well taken care of is important. Check out some general Maryland pool maintenance tips that we’ve put together:

  • Keep your pH at the right level – Letting your pH level get to high can cause your pool to develop issues and become unhealthy to swim in. It’s best to keep the pool pH between 50 and 60% for best results. It makes the chlorine more effective and will cost you less money over time.
  • Clean on a regular basis – This means cleaning EVERYTHING. You should check all of the elements in your pool pump to ensure that the pump is working like it’s supposed to and filtering well. If your filter gets clogged with debris, it can stop filtering the water, which can lead to a pretty gross pool.
  • Add your chemicals at night – This may seem kind of arbitrary to you, but adding chemicals during the day can cause them to burn off and become useless. You get better results when you add chemicals after the sun goes down. This is an especially important note when you’re working with liquid chlorine.
  • Check the chemistry – You already know that you should be doing this, but do you know how often to check to make it useful? Checking at least twice per week will mean that you have to do less work to get the pool to normal. It’s better to make little tweaks here and there than having to overhaul something because you haven’t checked it in a while.
  • Pay attention to the pump – This is of the utmost important. The more emphasis you put on keeping the pump cleaning and using it as regularly as your supposed to, the better maintained your pool will be. You need a good, constant flow to keep your pool clean and balanced. Run your pump often and keep the surface clean to keep your overall pool clean!

Pool maintenance shouldn’t be underestimated. It’ll help you keep your Maryland pool operating longer and better. Instead of consistently worrying about replacing things or how long your pool will last, take care of maintenance and the rest will take care of itself! For more information about keeping your Maryland pool maintained or to find out about hiring someone for pool maintenance, call 410-349-3852 or click here today!


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