Five Common Pool Care Mistakes

The more people you have in your pool at once, the more chlorine it will need.

You want your pool to last for as long as possible because you probably invested a good amount of money into it. Taking proper care of your pool is the best thing that you can do for it, but how do you know what is the right thing to do? There are so many resources that tell you different things about caring for your pool. Well, we are here to let you know some of the common mistakes people make when it comes down to pool care.

Shocking Your Pool During The Day

A shock treatment is good for your pool about once a week. This procedure gets rid of the dead chlorine in your pool. However, you must make sure you do this at dusk or night-time for it to work properly. The sunlight will burn away the chlorine, preventing the treatment from working as it should. If you do it at night time, it will give the shock treatment enough time to do its job.

Adding Shock Treatment Directly To The Pool

The shock treatment has an extremely high level of chlorine in it. This is a very strong chemical and can possibly do damage to the liner of your pool. The granules can sink to the bottom and bleach out your liner, which can cause it to become frail, leading to leaks. To prevent this, you want to dilute the shock treatment in a bucket of water before putting it in your pool. It will not only protect your pool, but it also helps distribute the treatment better.

Not Brushing Your Pool

Everyone knows that you need to skim the surface of your pool as well as vacuum the bottom, but there is another step that is commonly missed. Brushing the sides of your pool is important in keeping it from getting dirty. A lot of people overlook this because you can’t always see the build up that forms on the side of the pool. It can get grimy over time so to ensure the best pool care, make sure to brush the sides, steps, corners, and the water line.

Running Your Filter System For Less Than 8 Hours A Day

You need to make sure that you are running your filter for at least 8 hours a day, if not more. If your pool is having algae problems, it is best that you run the filter 24/7 until the problem is taken care of. The filter is meant to keep your water clean and minimize the manual poor care tactics that you will need to take. While you may be saving a few extra dollars on your energy bill by cutting the filter off early, it will get back to you when you begin to have algae or acid problems in your pool.

Not Preparing For Company

Pool parties are always fun during the summer time and allow for your family and friends to get together. However, you must be prepared to take extra steps in your pool care routine before and after your company. The more people that are swimming in your pool, the more chlorine you need to keep the chemicals balanced. Be sure to check the chemical levels of your pool before company comes and prep as needed. Also, be prepared to add more chemicals than you normally would after they leave in order to get your pool back to where it needs to be.

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