How to Find the Right Pool Builder

Pool Builder

Trying to find the perfect pool builder? Here are some tips from us at Sunrise Premier Pool Builders.

Are you looking for a pool builder? Maybe you’ve long dreamt of a watery oasis to escape the stresses of life. A nice, big saltwater pool for your whole family to enjoy might seem perfect, but first, you need to find someone to build it. With all the options out there, you may be wondering how you’re supposed to navigate all the options. Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders don’t just want you to have the perfect pool experience, we want you to be informed pool owners. That’s why we’ve written up some things we think are essential when finding a good pool builder.

Vision Beyond the Pool

A good pool builder won’t just plop a pool down in your yard and leave. You want someone who has an idea for what the potential of your entire backyard space is. Are there landscaping options? Can you add an amazing hot tub? What about options for decks or fences? The right pool builder will ask you about all of this because they care about your space just as much as you do.

Open Communication

When dealing with a large project like building a pool, you need someone who is responsive and easily accessible. You’ll want to immediately ask them how to contact them, when they can be contacted, what the turnaround would be, and so on. If you end up changing your mind about something during the building process, you’ll want to rest safely knowing that your pool builder is accessible and easy-to-reach.

References and Portfolio

If you’re looking for a quality pool builder, be sure to check their references and portfolio. Ask them for other clients that you could contact and see how their experience went. Their portfolio should show professionalism and skill.

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