Fiberglass Pool Basics

Fiberglass Pool

What exactly is a fiberglass pool?

During a summer heat wave there is nothing better than sinking into a pool of cool water and feeling refreshed. Whether you’re a swimmer or just a wader it’s likely that at some point in your life you’ve considered the benefits of having a pool. Pools can be great additions to any home and can add quality to your home and to your life. There are three main type of in ground pool designs to consider when looking to create your backyard oasis: concrete, fiberglass and vinyl liner. In this blog, we will assess the negatives and positives of fiberglass pools and explain exactly what they are.

In a Shell

Picture a fiberglass pool like a giant shell. The pool is manufactured in a factory and then shipped in one piece to your home where the company your contracted with installs it into a hole dug in your ground. Easy installation is just one of the benefits of having a fiberglass pool. The installation is quick and takes no more than a couple of days. Fiberglass pools are also easy to maintain because the fiberglass surface is non-porous and offers less space where organic material can grow. All that means is less chemicals which is less damage for your hair and skin. Fiberglass is also durable, unlike vinyl there are no concerns about ripping or having to replace things as often.

Not Always a Unique Oasis

The biggest downside to owning a fiber glass pool is the lack of customization that is involved. If you imagine your back yard as a cozy oasis and retreat with specific aspects to your pool area, a fiberglass pool may keep you wanting more. With fiber glass pools what you see is what you get and every manufacturer is different about the options they offer for customization. If you’re looking for specific shapes in mind for your poor, a fiber glass one might not be the best option; however, fiberglass pools can fit a range of sizes to feet your specific needs

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Whether fiberglass pools fit the bill on what you’re looking for or not, Sunrise Premier Pool Builders is here to help create the perfect pool for you. Customizable pools and spas are just the beginning and we are more than happy to walk you through every step to choosing the perfect products for you and your family. If you’re ready to begin, contact us at 410-349-3852 or online. To see examples of our work look at our social media pages Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.

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