Exciting Upgrades and Additions for Your Custom Swimming Pool

Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders Upgrades and Additions Custom Swimming Pool

There are a lot of really exciting upgrades and additions you can add to your custom swimming pool for an even more delightful outdoor oasis!

Swimming pools have long been a staple of luxurious living, offering a refreshing oasis for relaxation and recreation. However, in today’s world, a standard rectangular pool might not suffice for those seeking a truly exceptional aquatic experience. Fortunately, with advancements in design and technology, there’s a plethora of upgrades and additions available to elevate your custom swimming pool from ordinary to extraordinary.

Infinity Edge

One of the most visually stunning additions to any pool is the infinity edge. Also known as a vanishing edge or negative edge pool, this design gives the illusion that the water extends infinitely into the horizon. Infinity edges are perfect for pools with a scenic backdrop, such as a lush landscape or a breathtaking view of the ocean or mountains.

Water Features

Incorporating water features like cascading waterfalls, jets, or elegant fountains can transform your pool into a tranquil paradise. Waterfalls not only add a soothing ambiance but also provide a refreshing cascade of water for swimmers to enjoy. Fountains, on the other hand, lend an air of elegance and sophistication to your pool area, creating a serene atmosphere for relaxation.

LED Lighting

Illuminate your pool with vibrant LED lighting to create a mesmerizing nighttime ambiance. LED lights come in a variety of colors and can be programmed to change hues, providing an enchanting light show for evening swims. Not only do LED lights enhance the aesthetics of your pool, but they also improve safety by increasing visibility in low-light conditions.

Built-in Seating and Benches

Why settle for traditional poolside loungers when you can have built-in seating and benches right in the water? Incorporating seating areas within the pool allows for comfortable relaxation while keeping you cool on hot summer days. Whether you opt for sunken benches or submerged loungers, built-in seating adds both functionality and style to your pool design.

Swim-Up Bar

Take your poolside entertaining to the next level with a swim-up bar. This luxurious addition allows swimmers to enjoy refreshing drinks without ever leaving the water. Complete with built-in stools and a countertop for serving drinks and snacks, a swim-up bar adds a touch of resort-style indulgence to your backyard oasis.

Fire Features

For a captivating juxtaposition of elements, consider adding fire features to your pool area. Whether it’s a line of flickering torches, a fire pit at the water’s edge, or a dramatic fire bowl centerpiece, incorporating fire into your pool design adds warmth, ambiance, and a hint of drama to your outdoor space.

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