Does Your Pool Deck Need Renovations?

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If your pool deck is looking a bit worse for wear, or has noticeable damage, it’s a good idea to invest in renovations before next pool season.

Having a pool in your yard is like having your own little oasis in all the best ways. But when you have anything of value, you have to put in the work to maintain it and keep it looking and behaving nice. Your pool is no exception. This time of year, you’re likely working on all of the pre-winter tasks of cleaning and closing down your pool to protect it from the cold month ahead. While you’re doing that, it is a great time to also be checking in on your pool deck, which likely gets a lot less love and attention than the rest of your pool.  If your pool deck does need repairs or renovations, now is a good time to work on those so that everything is ready to go when it comes time to reopen in the spring. Read on for some clues that you need to repair your pool deck this fall. 

Pool Deck Material And Lifespan

First, let’s put aside a common perception that is completely false: having a concrete pool deck does not mean you won’t ever have to do maintenance or undertake repairs. Concrete is extremely strong and durable, but it does still eventually break down in the elements, especially water – and there is a lot of that around your pool area. Just because your pool deck doesn’t have any really glaring issues doesn’t mean you can let it go another year without giving it a thorough inspection.

Stains and Discoloration

One of the first really obvious things you might notice with your pool deck is staining or discoloration. The discoloration can be subtle, happening over time, and you may not even notice it till you move something and can see the difference in the two areas. Both staining and general discoloration can happen over time or be related to other issues like exposure to pool chemicals. Both can be remedied by resurfacing the pool deck. 

Cracking, Flaking, and Structural Damage

Structural damage to your pool deck should never be ignored. Whether they are large or super small, cracks need to be repaired as soon as possible, or they will quickly grow larger. Issues with flaking can be resolved by resurfacing, while cracks have to be repaired before they lead to bigger structural problems.

Leveling Issues

Finally, if you’re noticing issues with water pooling in certain areas, there is an issue with the leveling of your deck. It is important to fix these issues of your pool deck level quickly because having water sit on your concrete pool deck will cause or worsen all of the other things listed here.

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