Different Themes for your Maryland Pool

Do you dream of the hot summer sun, and cool dips in the crystal clear water of a luxurious back yard pool? Well winter is the perfect time to start your pool planning, and apply for permits to begin construction in spring so that’s ready for you come summer. But the details of how it’s made aren’t as important as what you want your dream pool to be like. Here are some themes for your Maryland pool that can make it stand out as not only a place to have fun and relax, but as a work of landscaping art.

natural themes for your Maryland poolNatural Themes for your Maryland Pool

A natural themed pool is just the thing for people who love nature and the exotic. For the pool itself, make it an irregular shape and use features like waterfalls and hardscaping that looks like boulders to help achieve a natural look for your pool. Add hardscaping and plants around the pool to help complete the natural look. You can even have the concrete around the pool stamped and stained to look like natural stone.

tropical resort themes for your maryland poolTropical Themes For your Maryland Pool

Would you like to be able to step outside your back door in the summer and be transported to an island resort? Of course you would! Well you can have a slice of an island paradise by making a tropical resort themed pool. Include a Pool bar with a cabana style roof, a beach pool entrance, and some white sand around the pool. Get some nice outdoor lounge chairs, and an umbrella and get ready to kick back this summer and enjoy a tropical resort paradise at home.

classical themes for your Maryland poolClassical Themes for your Maryland Pool

The classical era was a time of great art and architecture, and the perfect influence for designing a classy pool to grace your property. Make your pool a neat geometric shape, and lined it with terracotta or marble colored tiles. Have a mosaic installed in the pool or on the concrete surrounding it. Use classical statues as fountains and have columns built around the pool to completely tie together the theme. If your interest in the classical area is archaeological you could even have some of the columns made to look broken, like your pool was an ancient ruin.

modern themes for your Maryland poolModern Themes for your Maryland Pool

Maybe you’re more of a modernist and prefer sharp angles, chrome, stainless steel, polished bronze, or the sharp contrast of black and white marble. In that case you can use a modern theme for your pool. Have your pool shaped with sharp angles but make it more then just a rectangle. Include modern sculptures and in pool lighting. Fountains that flow like ribbons of water into the pool with chrome, or stainless steel finishes would help tie together the modern theme.

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