Deciding on the Best Solar Pool Cover for Your Needs

Deciding on the Best Solar Pool Cover for Your Needs

Selecting the best pool cover for your needs will depend on several factors. Here’s what to look for!

As the winter weather begins to turn to spring, more people are starting to think about enjoying their pools during the hot Maryland summer. And if your solar pool cover has seen better days, now might be the best time to shop for a new one. A solar pool cover adds a lot to your pool – it harnesses sunlight to warm your pool, and it prevents the water from evaporating, which can be costly over time. Selecting the best pool cover for your needs will depend on several factors. Here’s what to look for!

Get the Right Size

A cover that’s too small won’t be able to effectively heat your pool or keep water from evaporating. In contrast, a cover that’s too large won’t fit your pool and may be subject to the whims of Mother Nature. Ensure that you purchase a pool cover that is exactly the right size for your needs.

Go for a Light Color

While darker colors might look better on your pool, it won’t be as effective for warming your pool as a light or clear color. Dark covers may absorb sunlight more quickly than lighter colors. However, the goal is to let the sun’s rays pass through the cover into the water.

Look for Air Bubbles

In the same way, air bubbles are another way to help your solar cover efficiently pass sunlight through to your water. The bubbles create pockets of space between the water and the material of the cover. These pockets help sunlight pass through to your water more easily.

The Right Material Counts

Pool covers can be out in the sun for long periods of time, which means they can deteriorate very quickly if they aren’t made of hardy material. When shopping for a solar cover, look for one made with reinforced, UV-stabilized polyethylene. This is a kind of plastic that’s built to last, meaning it’ll serve your pool for longer.

Pick Your Pool Cover Mechanism

A manual cover simply pulls on and off of the pool, typically rolled up when not in use. While this is tried and true, consider adding an automatic cover. This uses a small motor to roll and unroll the cover automatically, which can add a level of convenience to your pool care. A semi-automatic pool cover uses a motor as well, but the cover needs to be guided by one or more people while in use.

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