Be Careful When Closing Your Pool!

Be Careful When Closing Your Pool!

Closing your backyard swimming pool for the season doesn’t need to be a nightmare scenario.

Closing your backyard swimming pool for the season doesn’t need to be a nightmare scenario. Even so, be as careful as possible. In some cases, you will be much happier if you leave this task for the professionals to handle. Winterizing a pool shouldn’t take too long, even when you are being cautious about what you’re doing!

When Draining the Pool 

Here’s something you should know about draining the pool: don’t leave it empty. While at first glance, this sounds counterproductive, it makes more of a difference than you might realize. Don’t scoff at the idea. What does this entail? Remove three to six inches of water. Honest, that’s all you need to do! Otherwise, the shell of the pool will be subject to the freeze-thaw cycle that can leave nearly-invisible cracks and leaks in the pool that you won’t notice until it’s too late.

When Dealing with Snow and Leaves

Early November might not be what you associate with the first snowfall of the season. But rest assured, this can happen. Snow can ruin the pH level of the water in your pool, and ice can weigh down the pool covers you use, wearing them out prematurely. Keep an eye on the trees around the edges of your swimming pool. You don’t want any leaves falling into a mostly-empty pool. Pump away extra water and use a snow or leaf blower to dispose of unwanted debris.

When Addressing the Accessories 

Don’t leave out the pool accessories! Ladders and diving boards are just as deserving of some TLC. Move all of the attachments that you would typically keep out during the swimming season. This includes the water slides as well. If you don’t store them for the winter, then they can freeze, crack, leak, and break down, making them more unstable for when you want to start using them again. 

When Rushing the Process

Rushing through the process of winterizing your pool can be a huge temptation. After all, you probably have many other activities and errands to take care of, so you don’t want to be stuck taking care of your pool. Doing this would be a terrible idea. Shock the water, kill off any algae growth, and run the water filter at least two days before you finally finish closing the pool. 

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