Pool Design

A pool should not be boring. The design and style should fit your personality and lifestyle, complementing both your home and you. Because you don’t want some standard oval in-ground pool, you are left with one option; build a custom pool.

The basics of any pool design include size, shape, materials, and lighting. When combined in the right way, the result will be the perfect pool for you and your landscape. After the aesthetics are dealt with, you can get down to the nitty gritty, like drainage, filtration, ect. But for now, let’s address the fundamentals: size, shape, materials, and lighting.

Size: A large pool is advantageous to have if homeowners are avid swimmers and live in a climate where they can swim frequently. Otherwise, a moderate size pool is a good choice for most homeowners.
Shape: As for shape, a big trend in pool design involves curves. The pool shape can be made of nothing but curves or be rectangular with rounded corners.
Materials: When considering choosing pool shape, homeowners should think about what materials they would like to use. Some materials work better than others for rounded shapes. The materials most often used for pools include vinyl lining, fiberglass, to concrete.
Lighting: Lighting is needed if homeowners want to enjoy their pool in the evening. Fiber optics is one of the current trends for pool lighting.

To better narrow down your options and come up with a solution that truly fits your lifestyle and landscape, it is best to seek the advice of a pool design professional. A pool designer has the experience and knowledge to help you design a unique pool that you will be happy with. And when it comes down to the technical matters – drainage, filtering and pumping – who knows more than a professional?

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