Are Saltwater Pools Better Than Chlorine Pools?

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Saltwater pools have been gaining popularity in recent years, and part of the reason for this is the benefits they offer over chlorine pools.

There are so many benefits to having your own swimming pool right in your backyard. It can be the perfect addition to turn a standard yard into an oasis. The many benefits of a swimming pool do also come with responsibilities, however. As a pool owner, you’re responsible for keeping it safe, secure, and sanitary. This can sometimes be a lot of work, though some maintenance needs change based on the type of pool you plan to install. For instance, a large in-ground pool will require more effort to vacuum and keep clean than a smaller above-ground pool. Another choice that you get to make about your pool that can impact its maintenance needs is between keeping it sanitary with chlorine or saltwater. Both options have their benefits, but saltwater pools are becoming increasingly popular. Are they better than chlorine pools though?

Better For The Environment

Most of the reasons that people opt for saltwater pools have to do with the health benefits they provide, but in some cases the reason is all about the environment. Chlorinated pools produce chloramines when the chlorine binds with body waste like sweat and they release a gas into the air that can potentially have a negative environmental impact. While this is especially true of indoor pools where the gas produced can build up, for some people, it is reason enough to opt for saltwater pools.

Better For Your Physical Health

There are lots of ways saltwater can help your physical body, many of which you’re likely aware of if you ever recuperate in an epson salt bath. Salt water can relieve muscle aches and soreness. Soaking in saltwater can also help to balance the natural moisture of your skin and regulate oil production. Saltwater can also be an exfoliant resulting in healthier overall skin. Finally, breathing in tiny salt particles can actually help you breath easier overall and possibly even ease allergy symptoms.

Better For Your Mental Health

Salt water can also help your mental health. The calming and detoxifying effects of saltwater can help alleviate stress and ease some anxiety by promoting relaxation. Since saltwater is also less stressful on the body (gentler on the eyes and skin), opting for this system in your pool can make it more likely that you’ll use the pool regularly and reap the benefits of regular gentle movement.

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