Advantages of a Fall Pool Installation in Maryland

With summer all but over and the crisp fall weather upon us, it’s unlikely that your thoughts will turn towards swimming pools. Think again! The fall and winter season can be one of the best times to begin your pool installation for numerous reasons.

Fall Pool Installation Lower and Split Installation Costs

One of the benefits of doing a fall installation is that it can allow Maryland homeowners to split up the costs. Construction can be done up until the point that the ground freezes, putting the project on hold until spring. This can allow you to mitigate the immediate cost of pool installation over a period of time. This type of installation also allows the earth to settle in around the concrete base over the winter before installing the upper-pool deck, making for a more secure foundation.

Additionally, because the pool business naturally slows during the winter months, and because working outside in cooler weather is easier on the contractor, you will probably be offered a much lower installation cost than during the height of the season.

Maximize Your Swim Season

Waiting until spring to book your pool installation can not only prove to be a hassle, with contractors busy with many other clients, but will also mean that a good portion of great swimming weather will be wasted during construction. Having your pool installation done in the fall guarantees that when warm weather hits your Maryland home, you’ll be ready to hit the water.

Tackle Zoning Issues Ahead of Time

While homeowners in some areas may find acquiring the proper permits for pool installation to be a snap, others may run into unexpected trouble. Your yard could be too small, or in a highly regulated wetland area, or property line alterations may require a pool redesign. Starting your pool installation process in the fall puts you on a much more relaxed timetable, and allows you to calmly deal with these situations as they arise, rather than frantically rushing to make sure you don’t lose your contractor to another project.

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At Sunrise Premier Pool Builders of Maryland, we not only offer installation services, also many types of maintenance packages for you to choose from. Our professionally trained staff will come out to perform maintenance and service so that you can enjoy your pool while also enjoying your busy lifestyle. A few of our packages include (with or without chemicals): weekly, bi-weekly and monthly maintenance; pool openings, closings, and pool equipment repair. Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders is your premium Maryland pool builder with the dedication and experience to beat the rest!

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Source: Pools by Murphy

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