About Pool Finishes

As a homeowner considering a pool, one of your top priorities is to add aesthetic beauty to your property with your swimming pool.

Aesthetic beauty enhancement of a swimming pool can come in the form of waterfalls, fountains, slides or a Jacuzzi.

But to have a beautiful pool, you need a beautiful pool finish.

Modern day pool designs allow you to custom your pool’s shape, style and colors.

The most common interior finish of a pool is pool plaster. The interior pool finishes can have different textures, colors and materials.

One of the newest pool finishes is the Beadcrete. Bedcrete  has the highest quality aggregates, polymer adapted cements and pigment to give your pool an exquisite pool finish.

You can also consider stonescapes, plasterscapes, and jewelscapes as pool finishes you can choose.

Stonescapes are good for potential pool owners that want a earthy looking swimming pool. It’s a very artsy and durable pool finish.

PlasterScapes can help you reflect nature’s colors in your pool with colored plaster that’s beautiful and consistent.
Jewelscapes are for pool owners that  want to show off their glamorous personality by capturing in their pool interior the sparkle and brilliance of the finest gems in the world. It’s one of the most stunning and durable interior pool finishes you can create for your pool.

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