7 Tips for Preparing an Awesome Hot Tub Party

Young people in hot tub posing for portraitLast week we discussed ways to increase the use you get out of your hot tub. One of them was planning to use your hot tub, and another was inviting friends to use the tub. Combining those suggestions, you came up with the brilliant idea of throwing an awesome hot tub party. But how do you throw an awesome hot tub party? Sunrise Premier Pools and Spas is here with 7 tips for preparing an awesome hot tub party.

1. Carefully Choose Your Invites

Our first tip for preparing an awesome hot tub party is to carefully choose who you invite. A hot tub is a confined space with a maximum occupancy defined by the manufacturer. You don’t want to invite more people then can fit into your hot tub. You want to make sure the people you invite will actually use the hot tub and socialize. And you want to make sure the people you invite get along with each other. For example, having your best friend and her ex in the same tub can really chill the mood.

2. Heat Up Your Hot Tub in Advance

Our second tip for preparing an awesome hot tub party is to make sure you heat the hot tub in advance. It kills the party’s momentum to have to wait for the hot tub to heat up, and depending on the size and amount of water in the tub that can take a while. For maximum party time makes sure you’ve got it hot and ready to go when your guests arrive.

3. Get Drinks and Snacks

Our third tip for preparing an awesome hot tub party is to make sure you have food and drinks to suit everybody’s tastes. My rule of thumb for snacks is to have some thing sweet, something spicy, something salty, and something cheesy. These represent the four basic snack groups and odds are that everyone at your party will like at least one. Once you’ve covered the four basic snack groups make sure you have a variety of drinks to suit everyone’s tastes. A simple way to do this is to make it a bring your own beverage (BYOB) that way everyone has something they’re sure to like.

4. Make Sure You Have Extra Towels And Bathing Suits

Our fourth tip for preparing an awesome hot tub party is to make sure you have extra towels and bathing suits for everyone. If someone forgets or doesn’t bring a bathing suit because they didn’t originally want to get in the hot tub its good to have an extra bathing suit on hand. Trust me, when anyone sees how much fun you’re having in the tub, they’re bound to join. Also make sure you have plenty of towels, a good rule is to take the number of towels you assume you’ll need, and double it. As people might get in and out of the hot tub, accidentally drop their towel in the tub, or accidentally misplace a towel as they wander around your home drying off.

5. Make Your Music Selection

Our fifth tip for preparing an awesome hot tub party is to make sure you have music that everyone will like. If you’re going for a themed hot tub party, like a tropical get away in winter, it’s easy to get music to match the theme and mood. But if you don’t have a particular theme a good trick is to use a music streaming service and choose a channel or let your guests make a play list as the party evolves.

6. Have Activities Read

Our sixth tip for preparing an awesome hot tub party is to make sure you’ve got plenty of fun activities for your guests. Though it’s easy to spend an entire night talking with friends having activities can help for your higher energy, more distractible guests. Waterproof cards, a little basket ball and hoop, darts, or other games are good to keep people invest and excited, and can be played out of the tub in case of inclement weather.

7. Have a Blast

Our seventh tip for preparing an awesome hot tub party is to not try too hard hosting. It’s your hot tub party, relax and have some fun with some of your closest friends.

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