5 Ways To Avoid Common Pool Purchasing Mistakes

When purchasing a pool, there are quite a few purchasing mistakes you need to avoid to save you thousands of dollars and hours of heartache and frustration.

The last thing you want to be as a pool owner is dissatisfied and angry.

The following are ways to avoid common mistakes while purchasing a pool:

Ask Questions. You should ask yourself why do you want a pool. You should ask yourself how would your family use the pool. Don’t forget to ask yourself how you will maintain the pool.

You need to ask these questions because the answers will help you decide what type of pool you want, need and why. Pools can be used for family recreation, guests’ entertainment, physical therapy, and exercise or for home improvements.

Design Your Pool for its intended use. Form will always follow function.

If you want a pool for family entertainment, it will definitely need safety features of control access gating or fencing.

If you want a pool for physical therapy or exercise, you may want a longer shallow area for swimming or built in spa jets for seats, pull up bars or perhaps a smaller pool with swim jets.

Ensure Pool Access.

Make your pool as accessible as possible to your home, restroom and entertainment areas.

Have A Drainage Area.

A drainage area is a necessity because your pool water will need to drain away from the pool to prevent standing water, dirt and mud from getting into the pool.

Don’t Choose The Wrong Pool Container.

You have 4 Pool containers to choose from: concrete/gunite, fiberglass and vinyl liner for in-ground pools. All have ranging maintenance dedication.

Concrete and gunite are the most common in-ground pool types and more efficient than other in-ground pools. They are perfect for commercial and public swimming pools. Not to mention, they can be custom in shape.

As for vinyl liner, it offers an excellent cosmetic textured pool surface. A vinyl pool is usually more affordable than concrete and gunite pools.

Fiber pools are made with a seamless one-piece, pre-formed fiberglass container. It has a smooth, non-porous gel coat surface. With these pools, make sure it looks good out of the ground before having it installed in ground. Water has the ability to magnify flaws.

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