5 Pool Exercises to Change Up Your Workout Routine

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Change up your workout routine by doing exercises in your pool.

Pools are an amazing tool for anyone looking to enjoy low-impact, high-resistance workouts. Swimming is an exercise all on its own, but when it’s time to shake up your workout routine you can do familiar exercises, as well as some new ones, in your own backyard pool. Lowering impact is great for people with joint injuries or arthritis, while the higher resistance will force the body to work harder to do exercises that are easy on the ground.


Simply walking around in water is a good workout for your body. The water creates a resistance that forces your legs to work harder to move you around. You can do laps around the edge of the pool or go back and forth from one side to the other.

Wall Glide

Grab onto the edge of your pool with your feet planted on the wall and then kick off, going as far back as you can. Once you lose momentum, run back to the wall and repeat this movement. This is a great workout for your legs and core as they are used to push off of the wall as well as run you back through the resistance of the water.

High-Knee Lift Extensions

This is the perfect low-impact leg exercise for anyone with impact restrictions. Simply stand in your pool where the water is waist-height and bring your knee up toward your torso until it is at the top of the water and hold it for 3-5 seconds. Then, extend that leg straight out for 3-5 seconds. Keep your leg straight as you lower it back to its starting position. Repeat these steps with the other leg.

Leg Kicks

While holding onto a pool ledge or a kickboard, bring your body up toward the surface of the water. In order, do a set of flutter kicks, scissor kicks, breaststroke kicks, and dolphin kicks. Repeat these kicks for up to 3 minutes for an amazing leg workout.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are an old staple and for good reason. Make this everyday workout a bit harder by doing it in your pool. Stand in an area of your pool where the water is chest height and then do jumping jacks. The resistance of the water will make it a harder workout for both your arms and legs.

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