2015 Trends for Annapolis Spas

Backyard deck with spa

Spas and hot tubs designed to create a comfortable atmosphere for therapeutic endeavors are becoming more popular among older homeowners.

A spa is the best place to unwind and spend some time with friends and family. Especially as the weather turns colder, spas and hot tubs are a great way to escape the cold weather and the returning stress of school and sports. Read on to find the biggest trends of 2015 for spas and hot tubs!

LED Lighting

Nobody wants to soak in a dark spa or hot tub. LED lighting provides customizable, waterproof lighting options to help illuminate your backyard party or personal soaking session. Exterior lights can help illuminate your patio or the steps up into the spa; interior lights will help occupants find the stairs, benches, and cup holders placed throughout the spa. Accentuate your backyard’s décor or go wild with fun, color-changing options.


Hot tubs and spas are not just for parties, after all! Spas and hot tubs designed to create a comfortable atmosphere for therapeutic endeavors are becoming more popular among older homeowners. Warm water can have the same health benefits as a heating pad on a sore muscle. In addition to the benefits of warm wet heat, pressurized water from jets can act as a pinpoint massager, applying direct pressure to a tense or painful muscle.

All-Weather Options

All-weather pools have become popular among the family- and exercise-oriented homeowner crowds. All-weather pools share some of the features of a hot tub as well as some of a more traditional pool, while being not much more expensive than a traditional hot tub or spa. Consider investing in an all-weather pool if you’re interested in year-round entertainment, or the ability to do ‘lap swiiming’ via counter current jets in the middle of winter.

Energy Efficiency

Eco-friendly and energy-efficient are becoming the most popular design labels for spas and hot tubs. Real-time power and water-usage monitoring software can help owners keep track of how much their hot tub is costing them, and recent improvements on covers help to conserve water and energy during the heat-up and cool-down processes.

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