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The Best Way To Remove Snow From Your Pool Cover

Before you begin the lengthy process of shoveling around your home, make sure you start with the cover to avoid a collapse.

Last year wasn’t entirely difficult, but this winter promises to bring more snow. More snow means more buildup, and a blanket of it on your pool cover is not going to end well. Maryland is notorious for having a fluctuating weather scheme, and the snow that falls here is usually wet and dense. If you see it building up on your pool cover, it’s important that you do not wait to clear it. Before you begin the lengthy process of shoveling around your home, make sure you start with the cover to avoid a collapse.

What You Should Be Using

When we think about clearing snow, the first thought is to use a shovel. And why wouldn’t we think that, right? It’s the norm. In the case of a pool cover, a shovel is actually not at all what you’d want to use. The material and edges of a shovel could easily lead to a damaged cover. If it’s thick, wet snow, you’ll want to attack it in phases to prevent a massive buildup. The best tool to use would be a broom. Especially if it’s powdery, the broom is a safe way to clear the snow.

How To Approach It

You want to clear snow in shifts, but that’s not always possible. The worst case scenario is having a mountain of snow pile up on your pool cover, which would then lead to a potential tear in the material. You need to start with the edges of the pool, as they’re not only the easiest spots to reach, but also the clearest starting points. Don’t try to be a hero and get to the heaviest part first (the middle). After you clear the edges, work your way to the middle. It’s going to be difficult to even make that reach, but it’s imperative. Don’t push the snow around, simply bring it back to the edge with the broom. Again, we want to reiterate: do not wait until after a storm to clear everything.

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