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Why Should I Have a Heated Maryland Pool?

Those first couple weeks of summer are always really rough. You go to jump in the pool and the first thing that you think to yourself when your feet hit is “I’ve made a huge mistake.” If you open your pool in early spring, it can feel like you’re jumping into ice water for the next month or so, and while that might be great for the 90+ degree days ahead, it’s not so nice when it’s only about 70 degrees out. Heated swimming pools can largely eliminate this problem for you and allow you to spend more time in your pool – with as big of an investment as a pool is, why wouldn’t you want to get as much use out of it as possible? Why else should you install a heated pool? We’ve got some answers.

At Sunrise Premier Pool Builders, we know that you want to keep your pool open as long as possible. That’s why we sell and install pool heaters and other accessories. If you’re interested in heating your pool up this summer, call Sunrise at 410-349-3852, drop in, or click here today! We’d love to help you get the most out of your pool investment!

Source: Benefits of a Heated Swimming Pool