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What are the Benefits of Saltwater Pools?

Saltwater pools are slowly starting to replace chlorinated pools for homeowners. The interesting thing about saltwater pools is that they actually do contain chlorine, but it’s created through an electrolysis system rather than by using heavily concentrated chlorine tablets. While there is obviously some salt in your pool, it’s less salty than you would assume. Saltwater pools have about 1/10th the salt concentration of salt water, making them a light saline solution. When the saltwater passes through the electrolysis system, it changes into chlorine. Now that you have a basic understanding of how saltwater pools work, let’s talk about some of the advantages to owning a saltwater pool.

Saltwater pools are the pools of the future. Over time, more people will convert to saltwater over chlorine and this eco-friendly choice will become popular, if the current trends continue the way that they are.

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