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Pool Fencing Regulations and Benefits in Annapolis, Maryland

Having a pool is a great privilege for Annapolis residents. It’s a good way to keep cool and stay in shape during the summer months. There are a few big responsibilities that come with owning a pool, though. One of the biggest is safety. Having a fence around your pool can save you from liability problems and can help protect young children and others who don’t know how to swim from accidental drowning. There are some codes and regulations in Anne Arundel county that you should know about if you’re planning on installing an in-ground pool at your home.

If you’re at all confused about whether or not your pool and fencing is up to code, you can always contact Anne Arundel County health and safety authorities to take a look and make sure that everything is safe and secure. Being up to code is very important for safety regulations. You should also make sure that you retain a building permit before drastically changing anything on your land. We’d be happy to help you build your dream pool, but first make sure that you have the space and are allowed to via Anne Arundel County. Pools are a great way to relax as long as you’re being smart and safe about them! To learn more about rules and regulations regarding pools in Anne Arundel County, please visit their website. To get started building your dream pool, call 410-349-3852, drop in, or click here today!

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