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How To Prevent Child Drownings With Kid Friendly Pool Safety Designs

It is every parent’s nightmare to discover that a child drowned in the swimming pool. Pool Builders Maryland can help prevent such tragedies by designing a kid friendly pool for your home.

The job of Swimming Pool Contractors Maryland is to design the safest pool possible for your family.

As pool technology improves, there are more ways to prevent children from drowning. However, there will always be a threat present where a child, or even an adult, could drown.

The most vulnerable age groups for drowning are children between 1- 4 years of age.

What are some pool safety gadgets Pool Contractors Maryland can install for your pool?

When do most child drownings occur?

Children drown when they enter a pool on their own and have no adult supervision present. It takes less than 5 minutes for a child to drown.

Drowning is the second leading cause of death for children when it comes to injury related deaths.

The safest Swimming Pools Maryland are the ones with layers of protection against drowning.

Swimming Pools Maryland that are safe are ones that can truly be enjoyed for exercise and leisure.

Accidental drownings can be prevented with Pool Builders Maryland. Best of all Swimming Pool Contractors Maryland will never sacrifice your pool style or functionality to enhance pool safety.

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