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All About Fiber Optic Pool Lighting

Fiber optic pool lighting is an excellent way to make your pool more exciting, at a relatively low cost.

Are you bored with your pool lighting?  Do you want to build your pool with that extra, original kick?  Fiber optic pool lighting is an excellent way to make your pool more exciting, at a relatively low cost.  You can swim on top of the stars when you install it, or line your pool with any color you want.  They allow for you to customize your pool color, and even change it whenever you desire.  If you’re interested in fiber optic lighting, read on.



Fiber optic lights are actually very easy to maintain.  The light source for the plastic tubing is actually going to be located above ground and away from the water, so it’s very simple to replace.  Also, it will burn out far less quickly than LED lights or incandescent.  They’re waterproof, which means you don’t have to worry about any safety hazards.  The maintenance of this kind of lighting is very low key.


Design Flexibility


This is a major draw of fiber optic lighting.  Because it is made out of flexible plastic tubing, it can be placed just about anywhere.  If you want the lighting to be tiny pinpricks at the bottom of your pool, it can easily be done.  You could also decorate your pool’s siding with it, or place it under the lip to give a cool effect.  There’s really no limit to what you can do with fiber optic lighting, and you can choose any color.




As with everything, there are a few downsides to fiber optic lighting that you might want to consider.  For one, they are more expensive, and they don’t get any cheaper over time.  They can cost several hundred dollars, and don’t last more than five or seven years at a time.  This is a relatively short lifespan for pool lighting.  Also, they aren’t as bright as traditional pool lighting.  If you need to replace anything, it can also get pretty pricey.  Check your budget before you decide to install fiber optic lighting.  Overall, though, it’s a trendy and original choice.


Designing the perfect pool lighting is easy when you work with Sunrise Premier Pool Builders!


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