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5 of the World’s Most Famous Pools

The Hearst Castle has housed many stars and Hollywood big names, and was built in the early 1900’s.

We find all pools to be modern marvels here at Sunrise Premier Pool Builders.  It’s always rewarding to enjoy your residential pool, privately in your backyard, but sometimes you want to see what’s really dominating the market with the newest features.  There are several pools around the world that take the title for one of the most famous pools.  Here are the top five.

  1. Gallery Evason Hotel–Singapore


This beautiful hotel is already a design marvel, with its bold and protruding window frames of all sizes.  But its pool is really fascinating.  The sides are made of glass, and it overlooks the city from several floors in the air.  You can stand on the street and stare up at people swimming through the glass!


  1. Nemo 33–Belgium


Nemo 33 is a diving pool, and takes the title for the deepest pool in the world.  It gets its name from its depth of 33 meters.  The temperature is also kept at a comfortable 33 degrees celsius.  The water is non-chlorinated to provide the most authentic indoor diving experience.


  1. San Alfonso del Mar–Chile


A pool which gets its name from the ocean, this is the largest swimming pool in the world.  It uses an astounding amount of energy to run and keep clean.  It is 1,013 meters long and covers 80,000 square meters.  The annual maintenance bill is over two million dollars.


  1. Four Seasons Resort–Bali


Imagine swimming in the middle of the jungle; this is what this pool attempts to recreate.  Suspended in the air, the pool at the Four Seasons overlooks the jungle and is decorated with real plants that reside in its natural waters.  Certainly a luxury, but well worth it!


  1. Hearst Castle–California


This is arguably the most photographed pool.  The Hearst Castle has housed many stars and Hollywood big names, and was built in the early 1900’s.  It is built to resemble a Roman structure, and has two very expansive pools with a surrounding mansion.


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