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3 Features That Will Make Your Swimming Pool Stand Out

Whether it’s a brand new pool, or you’re looking to boost appeal, adding features is a worthy consideration.

A swimming pool is a great benefit to have at any house, but there are ways you can take it to the next level. Through these features, we’ll detail how you can turn your pool into a place where people will want to hang out. Whether it’s a brand new pool, or you’re looking to boost appeal, adding features is a worthy consideration.

Make It More Than Just Water

Sure, a basic pool is filled with water, but there are ways you can really make a splash with how it looks. Have you considered adding a waterfall? This feature not only adds a pleasing aesthetic to the area, but (depending on the size) it also gives you another place to relax. If you have children at the house, consider adding a water slide. With a water slide, your pool will soon become the place for entertainment. Finally, if it’s not a waterfall or a water slide, perhaps a diving board would be a better fit. In many cases, a diving board is installed with the pool, but if not, it’s a great addition to use.

Don’t Be Afraid To Light It Up

Don’t overlook the role lighting can play when assessing your pool. While many people use it during the day with the sun out, night swimming is a fun activity. What makes it even better is when the pool has a variety of lights that add to ambiance. By installing LED fixtures in your pool, a well-designed light show can create a unique feeling. Whether you’re trying to set the mood for a romantic evening or brightening it up for a nighttime pool party, lighting features are a great accessory to have at your disposal.

Exterior Design Options

So far, we’ve talked about the features you can add inside your pool, but what about on the outside? With Sunrise Pool Builders, you have the ability to make your surrounding area come to life. One feature that stands out is a poolside fire pit. Placed a small distance away on a nice patio, a fire pit can offer you a unique design for those colder summer nights.

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